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Campion School

An acclaimed Essex school has been fitted with the latest in fire and emergency lighting technology from leading life safety solutions manufacturer, Hochiki Europe.

The Campion School in Hornchurch, Essex, is a Roman Catholic school and sixth form college for boys established by the Society of Jesus in 1962. Granted academy status in 2011, the school specialises in science and has a renowned sporting reputation, both locally and across the nation.

When facilities managers at the Campion School realised that the current life safety system would benefit from being upgraded, the team consulted local fire protection systems supplier, Fisk Group.


There were a number of factors to consider when selecting a new system for the Campion School. As well as enhanced efficiency and reduced running costs, the system also needed to offer superior networking capability without compromising the overall aesthetics of the site.


Fisk Group opted to use Hochiki Europe’s FIREscape+ system to meet these requirements. FIREscape+ is a combined fire detection and emergency lighting system with the added benefit of wayfinding technology. It is exclusively available in the UK to members of Hochiki Europe’s Systems Partners Network, which includes Fisk Group.

FIREscape+ is a revolutionary system that offers full monitoring and self-testing. Unlike traditional emergency lighting systems that require 230V to each unit, FIREscape+ units only require 40V and therefore do not need to be wired by a qualified electrician. The system is also designed to run via a single panel, and each loop combines both fire detection and emergency lighting units. Such features mean that, by using FIREscape+, facilities managers can simplify installation, save on cabling and labour costs, keep day-to-day running costs down and manage maintenance more effectively in the long term.


As well as cost savings and enhanced maintenance management, FIREscape+ has been manufactured with aesthetics in mind. The emergency lighting units are both sleek and functional, and capable of exceeding the minimum lux level requirements in line with BS 5266:1 2016. As such, FIREscape+ is suitable for use in a range of different environments, giving installers like Fisk Group even more options when it comes to specifying solutions on projects.

FIREscape+ is currently the only truly combined fire detection and emergency lighting system available to the UK market.

Neil Eves, Systems Manager at Hochiki Europe, explained:


"European legislation calls for all commercial premises, like schools, to install approved fire detection and alarm systems. Many countries, including the UK, also strongly advise building owners and facilities managers install self-testing emergency lighting systems. FIREscape+ fulfils these requirements and with its introduction to market, we are able to offer our customers a solution that is easy to maintain, cost effective and most importantly, reliable".