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Casablanca Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal in Casablanca is one of the top divisions of Morocco’s judicial system, with over 200 staff members working across four storeys. Because of the high profile nature of the building and its occupants, it is essential that all life safety systems are of a superior quality, while simultaneously complying with strict regulations.

When the need to replace the existing fire detection solutions arose, Marrakech-based safety systems retailer S.A.S. Equipment recommended the use of Hochiki Europe products because of their proven reliability.


S.A.S. Equipment was able to demonstrate that Hochiki Europe’s products complied with the project requirements and necessary building regulations. This allowed for the installation of a Hochiki Europe system comprising three analogue addressable panels controlling a total of 234 ALN-EN photoelectric smoke sensors. Part of Hochiki Europe’s Enhanced System Protocol (ESP) range, these sensors help to provide a system that is both secure and expandable; manufactured to the highest international standards, offering life safety products and systems of incomparable reliability. Other products installed as part of the project include 40 manual call points and 18 conventional sound beacons.


Soufiane Benhadda, Sales Director at S.A.S. Equipment, said:


“As part of this project, Elec Omar was keen to use CMSI products, however, Hochiki Europe products can be used as an equivalent. When we demonstrated that Hochiki Europe products offered the same functional capability as CMSI at an improved specification, Elec Omar was happily persuaded.”


Hochiki Europe explained:


“Our products boast exceptional safety standards and comply with different regulations across Europe. Thanks to our reliable, state-of-the-art life safety systems, users of the Court of Appeal are safe in the knowledge that they are protected in the event of a fire.”


On completion, Morocco’s Minister of Justice officially opened the building as part of an inauguration ceremony.


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