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Maxxis Rubber

Maxxis Rubber India, a subsidiary of the Maxxis Group, has introduced its first manufacturing facility in Sanand, Gujarat, India. Maxxis is the largest two-wheel vehicle tyre manufacturer and the ninth largest tyre company in the world.

The facility is spread across 106 acres and was set up with an investment of approximately 400 million dollars and specialises in the production of tyres and tubes for two-wheel vehicles. The impressive site can accommodate up to 3000 members of staff/visitors. With a site accommodating this number of people it was the ultimate priority to install an efficient and reliable fire detection solution to protect life and property from the risk of fire.


After understanding the customer’s specific requirements, technical experts from both Hochiki Europe in the UK and its India Branch Office in New Delhi, worked closely with life safety installers, Bell Automation, and Maxxis Rubber to design a multiple solution system.


Due to the complexity of the site both point detectors and beam detectors were specified to provide the maximum coverage for this dynamic manufacturing facility and to ensure adequate protection for the many different environments.


The final system installation consisted of 2 Hochiki Fire Panels, 152 Beam Detectors, 1000 Smoke Sensors, 144 Manual Call Points and 144 Wall Sounders. All Hochiki devices are designed with total cost of ownership in mind; they are quick to install, easy to maintain, robust and, most importantly, reliable.


The project was successfully completed in January 2018; all stakeholders were pleased with how easy the Hochiki fire detection system was commissioned and installed.


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