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Vista Star Residential & Commercial Building

A luxury residential and commercial building has recently been built in the Nad Al Hammar district of Dubai. This new development is in a prime location only 15 minutes to Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai International Airport and 20 minutes to ‘new’ Dubai.

The contemporary residential and commercial building is spread over 12 floors and can accommodate approximately 800 occupants. With the building being designed for mixed use, it was essential that an efficient and reliable fire detection and emergency lighting solution was installed to ensure the safety of all occupants.


Torontec Engineering Consultants who are a building service and system design company were approached to work on Vista Star by the multidisciplinary Hassani Group of Companies, who were overseeing the design and installation of the buildings fire safety systems. Following a joint presentation from Hochiki Middle East and installers Dafoos, Torontec decided to specify Hochiki products for the project.


One of the special requirements for this job was the need for high quality products; Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacture of life safety solutions for over 100 years, and as such their devices are world renowned for high-integrity and long-term reliability.


The consultant required the products specified to be fully compliant as well as of a high standard. Hochiki work closely with all major approval bodies across the world to ensure quality and environmental compliance is a top priority. As such, Hochiki fire detection and emergency lighting products fully conform to all the latest standards and regulations. 


In 2018 Hochiki were awarded Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) approval for its fire detection and emergency lighting products. The new certification, which was granted following a year-long approval process, means that Hochiki’s solutions can be used in fire safety and construction projects in every kingdom throughout the entire United Arab Emirates.


Sathish Kumar, Sales Manager, Hochiki Middle East commented: “Our Japanese-designed products are built to be ultra-reliable and come with a three-year warranty as standard. The fact that we are now able to supply these robust and dependable solutions across the UAE means we can ensure greater levels of occupant safety in the region while also reducing false alarms. Considering the number fire safety emergencies in recent years, especially in high-rise properties, this should be seen as paramount for specifying decision-makers.”


Half way through the project, design and support services company Lead Consult were brought in to finish the project alongside Dafoos and Hochiki.


For this project over 900 addressable detectors were installed along with three 4-loop Fire Alarm control panels as well as Hochiki’s emergency lighting solution FIREscape. 


The original design featured a single panel, but it was clear once the project was underway that the size and complexity of the building necessitated three control panels on a network, to support the number of devices fitted. Working in close partnership with Hochiki Middle East allowed Dafoos to upgrade the installation quickly, supplying and installing the system within the programmed completion date.


To the satisfaction of all stakeholders the installation was completed successfully and on time.



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